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Twitter Source

The Twitter Firehose source connector receives tweets from Twitter Firehose and writes the tweets to Pulsar topics.


The configuration of the Twitter Firehose source connector has the following properties.


Name Type Required Default Description
consumerKey String true " " (empty string) The twitter OAuth consumer key.

For more information, see Access tokens.
consumerSecret String true " " (empty string) The twitter OAuth consumer secret.
token String true " " (empty string) The twitter OAuth token.
tokenSecret String true " " (empty string) The twitter OAuth secret.
guestimateTweetTime Boolean false false Most firehose events have null createdAt time.

If guestimateTweetTime set to true, the connector estimates the createdTime of each firehose event to be current time.
clientName String false openconnector-twitter-source The twitter firehose client name.
clientHosts String false Constants.STREAM_HOST The twitter firehose hosts to which client connects.
clientBufferSize int false 50000 The buffer size for buffering tweets fetched from twitter firehose.

For more information about OAuth credentials, see Twitter developers portal.