• Use Redis sink connector to sync data from Pulsar


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Redis Sink

The Redis sink connector pulls messages from Pulsar topics and persists the messages to a Redis database.


The configuration of the Redis sink connector has the following properties.


Name Type Required Default Description
redisHosts String true " " (empty string) A comma-separated list of Redis hosts to connect to.
redisPassword String false " " (empty string) The password used to connect to Redis.
redisDatabase int true 0 The Redis database to connect to.
clientMode String false Standalone The client mode when interacting with Redis cluster.

Below are the available options:
  • Standalone
  • Cluster
  • autoReconnect boolean false true Whether the Redis client automatically reconnect or not.
    requestQueue int false 2147483647 The maximum number of queued requests to Redis.
    tcpNoDelay boolean false false Whether to enable TCP with no delay or not.
    keepAlive boolean false false Whether to enable a keepalive to Redis or not.
    connectTimeout long false 10000 The time to wait before timing out when connecting in milliseconds.
    operationTimeout long false 10000 The time before an operation is marked as timed out in milliseconds .
    batchTimeMs int false 1000 The Redis operation time in milliseconds.
    batchSize int false 200 The batch size of writing to Redis database.


    Before using the Redis sink connector, you need to create a configuration file through one of the following methods.

    • JSON

          "redisHosts": "localhost:6379",
          "redisPassword": "fake@123",
          "redisDatabase": "1",
          "clientMode": "Standalone",
          "operationTimeout": "2000",
          "batchSize": "100",
          "batchTimeMs": "1000",
          "connectTimeout": "3000"
    • YAML

          redisHosts: "localhost:6379"
          redisPassword: "fake@123"
          redisDatabase: 1
          clientMode: "Standalone"
          operationTimeout: 2000
          batchSize: 100
          batchTimeMs: 1000
          connectTimeout: 3000