• Use Kinesis source connector to pull data from Amazon Kinesis and persists data into Pulsar


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Kinesis Source

The Kinesis source connector pulls data from Amazon Kinesis and persists data into Pulsar.

This connector uses the Kinesis Consumer Library (KCL) to do the actual consuming of messages. The KCL uses DynamoDB to track state for consumers.


Currently, the Kinesis source connector only supports raw messages. If you use KMS encrypted messages, the encrypted messages are sent to downstream. This connector will support decrypting messages in the future release.


The configuration of the Kinesis source connector has the following properties.


Name Type Required Default Description
initialPositionInStream InitialPositionInStream false LATEST The position where the connector starts from.

Below are the available options:

  • AT_TIMESTAMP: start from the record at or after the specified timestamp.

  • LATEST: start after the most recent data record.

  • TRIM_HORIZON: start from the oldest available data record.
  • startAtTime Date false " " (empty string) If set to AT_TIMESTAMP, it specifies the point in time to start consumption.
    applicationName String false Pulsar IO connector The name of the Amazon Kinesis application.

    By default, the application name is included in the user agent string used to make AWS requests. This can assist with troubleshooting, for example, distinguish requests made by separate connector instances.
    checkpointInterval long false 60000 The frequency of the Kinesis stream checkpoint in milliseconds.
    backoffTime long false 3000 The amount of time to delay between requests when the connector encounters a throttling exception from AWS Kinesis in milliseconds.
    numRetries int false 3 The number of re-attempts when the connector encounters an exception while trying to set a checkpoint.
    receiveQueueSize int false 1000 The maximum number of AWS records that can be buffered inside the connector.

    Once the receiveQueueSize is reached, the connector does not consume any messages from Kinesis until some messages in the queue are successfully consumed.
    dynamoEndpoint String false " " (empty string) The Dynamo end-point URL, which can be found at here.
    cloudwatchEndpoint String false " " (empty string) The Cloudwatch end-point URL, which can be found at here.
    useEnhancedFanOut boolean false true If set to true, it uses Kinesis enhanced fan-out.

    If set to false, it uses polling.
    awsEndpoint String false " " (empty string) The Kinesis end-point URL, which can be found at here.
    awsRegion String false " " (empty string) The AWS region.

    us-west-1, us-west-2
    awsKinesisStreamName String true " " (empty string) The Kinesis stream name.
    awsCredentialPluginName String false " " (empty string) The fully-qualified class name of implementation of {@inject: github:AwsCredentialProviderPlugin:/pulsar-io/kinesis/src/main/java/org/apache/pulsar/io/kinesis/}.

    awsCredentialProviderPlugin has the following built-in plugs:

    this plugin uses the default AWS provider chain.
    For more information, see using the default credential provider chain.

    this plugin takes a configuration via the awsCredentialPluginParam that describes a role to assume when running the KCL.
    JSON configuration example
    {"roleArn": "arn...", "roleSessionName": "name"}

    awsCredentialPluginName is a factory class which creates an AWSCredentialsProvider that is used by Kinesis sink.

    If awsCredentialPluginName set to empty, the Kinesis sink creates a default AWSCredentialsProvider which accepts json-map of credentials in awsCredentialPluginParam.
  • awsCredentialPluginParam String false " " (empty string) The JSON parameter to initialize awsCredentialsProviderPlugin.


    Before using the Kinesis source connector, you need to create a configuration file through one of the following methods.

    • JSON

          "awsEndpoint": "",
          "awsRegion": "us-east-1",
          "awsKinesisStreamName": "my-stream",
          "awsCredentialPluginParam": "{\"accessKey\":\"myKey\",\"secretKey\":\"my-Secret\"}",
          "applicationName": "My test application",
          "checkpointInterval": "30000",
          "backoffTime": "4000",
          "numRetries": "3",
          "receiveQueueSize": 2000,
          "initialPositionInStream": "TRIM_HORIZON",
          "startAtTime": "2019-03-05T19:28:58.000Z"
    • YAML

          awsEndpoint: ""
          awsRegion: "us-east-1"
          awsKinesisStreamName: "my-stream"
          awsCredentialPluginParam: "{\"accessKey\":\"myKey\",\"secretKey\":\"my-Secret\"}"
          applicationName: "My test application"
          checkpointInterval: 30000
          backoffTime: 4000
          numRetries: 3
          receiveQueueSize: 2000
          initialPositionInStream: "TRIM_HORIZON"
          startAtTime: "2019-03-05T19:28:58.000Z"